Driving Revenue

Every metric and touch point counts toward gaining more share and sales. If someone told you that you could improve your Customer Experience scores and drive incremental revenue by as much as 30% by providing a simple adjustment in your customer engagement or associate training, you’d jump at it.

Customers – Are finding it harder and harder to find and relate to customer-facing associates.

Associates — Desire to be loyal to their employer and look for ways to provide and derive value from their work relationships.

Companies — There’s not a savvy one around that doesn’t ask their associates to … live the brand. And there’s not an employee who doesn’t start their job by trying to do so.

Reorganizing staff, location and process is creating a customer dilemma. Many times this disconnect at the point of sale/interaction is driving them to an online experience or circumventing a purchase altogether.

The break down occurs when process over shadows individuality to a detrimental point. This is when consistency gets lost and the individual’s productivity depreciates. The solution is to bring care and investment into the employees’ lives that they can easily use in and outside the organization.

By creating strategies that represent your company, you can improve customer relationships, build employee confidence and drive incremental revenue.

This is one of the main reasons we found that people liked the service we provide of online advice and sales

Whether with our staff or yours, we train employees to understand the brand they live and the way customers need them for information and validation.  In our training, we  provide a way to build employee confidence as well as better integrate your brand into the daily lives of the brand ambassador base.

It’s an easy and fun process that can be adapted to your company in very meaningful ways.  And it will drive customer satisfaction and engagement scores as well as revenue. Every industry, especially those with a non-centralized or global work-force, can benefit from this service … airlines, pharmaceuticals, real estate, financial services … you name it!

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