Learnings from 1500 Sessions

3+ additional products per session are sold,
and average purchases ranged from $150-$250 per session.

Do we have your attention now?

We know you’re excited now, and we’ll give you more industry facts and figures in a moment, but listen to what we learned during our 1500 test personal webcam sessions during the end of 2013.

Who tried it and liked it

  • General consumers
    • Fashionistas, tweens, 55+, moms, professionals, men
    • Highest male segment fell in the 18-24 age range accounting for 23% of that group
    • The remaining male engagement ranged from 3-8% depending on age
  • Special life situations
    • Cancer patients, new weight loss, new to makeup, new position at work
    • Nearly 37% of our 1500 people who enjoyed the 30 minute sample sessions fell in this grouping
    • They wanted help but felt like there was no channel available to them where they felt welcomed and could get information personalized for to their needs

Who came back

We had 15% during the existing session want to schedule additional sessions. Most mentioned upcoming life events as their trigger and another 8% contacted us within 2 months of their first session because they purchased a new product or had a life event.

Our consultants/stylists developed relationships with some customers who requested to keep in-touch. They were thirsting for the personal assistance.


The consultant-customer protocol was very important to us and we created a customer experience that was supportive, empowering, welcoming and fun and people responded.

Who Benefited Most

It took people between 5-10 minutes to fully relax into the webcam consult sessions and reveal their true questions. But once they did, it was as if a faucet had opened.

During the personal webcam sessions we did tease and give them other ideas they could come back to us about.

Comfort with the technology was a slight issue for people 65+, but, overall, it worked well and people felt the dynamic API made it very easy to engage. Just click a link and you are live. No app to download.

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