Employee Inspirations

Building a Profitable Customer Experience

Scalable to any size company! Adding the Discover Personal Webcam Consult to your offering is a true differentiator.

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Improve your staff’s confidence and appearance with information and personalized training to help them better represent your brand in meaningful ways. This combined with your k

ey messages, products and processes will improve customer metrics and sales. Here’s how …

A suite of consultants and artsts, working via two-way webcam, set-up a friendly, effective way to help your staff learn the best ways to represent their professional and personal style while adapting it to your company’s image. This third-party approach gives your associates the freedom to ask questions and learn.

Customer-facing associates know that their presentation in words and appearance plays a vital role in their success, but many are unaware or reluctant to ask for this help. And companies walk a very fine line in how far they can go to enforce a conduct and dress code. Employee Inspiration bridges that gap.

Associates feel they are getting personal attention and care from the organization to embrace their individuality and employers gain a means to reach the associate in a meaningful way that can impact revenue.


  • Custom looks — Create a series of custom looks for your male and female customer-facing positions that fit your brand
  • Brand behavior concepts — Custom brand packages could include: approachable, knowledgeable, conservative, edgy, earthy, glamour … whatever your brand needs.

Customer Experience Management taught us that by managing metrics and the relationship it has to employee and customer behavior is a valuable tool for driving organizational growth.

If you look at these metrics weekly or monthly, clear patterns emerge that show us where we can tweak and focus resources (technology, people, etc.) to improve the organization.

Employee Inspiration adds an effective tool to bringing these metrics together for real results to your business.

Combine this with HR Inspiration for even greater organizational benefits.

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