Group Inspirations

Building Confidence and Value for Your Members and Associates

Scalable to any size organization!

Adding the Discover Personal Webcam Consult to your offering is a true differentiator.

Managing self-image and personal brand is paramount for everyone in today’s competitive work and play environment.

With Group Inspirations you make information and personalized training available to your constituency to improve their confidence and help them better present themselves in any situation. And, there are financial benefits to your group too.

It’s great for the young as well as the established  to build their confidence as they move through their different personal and professional life stages.  It’s a wonderful way to help as well as and add funds to your organization.

Recent Harvard research shows a well spoken and presented person captures a room in seconds where others take over 20 minutes if at all.  To be successful, people need advice and training to improve careers quickly and easily take the floor in every meeting they attend or appearance in court they make.
Group Inspirations is an affinity program that let’s your members meet privately, with expert consultants, via webcam, to learn ways to enhance their personal brand for professional and personal gain. All in just 30 minutes!

Think of this as taking the coach experience to the privacy of your office or home that can be accessed from anywhere in the world where there is a live internet connectionPlus the added benefit of privacy and real personalization to your needs.  

And … because you’re a group

  • Session price reduced for group rates ($45 value … reduced to $35 for 30 minutes)
  • Promotion – Recruit members with emails, listings, link on your website, etc. (we can create the emails but you preserve your contacts and send them out)
  • Ease to implement and has global reach (Just put a link on your site and share your group code, because it’s online it can be accessed anywhere)
  • Custom portal – so the whole concept is branded.
  • Share proceeds with your organization (We will set time and engagement levels together and then payback based on participation.  However we can work out a different scenario that is more comfortable for ABA.   We can also add in a reporting element.
  • It can also be a fun fundraiser and oh so useful.

We want to give you a free consult so you can see how easy it is to use and how beneficial it is for your members.

You’ll love it!

Group Inspirations adds an effective tool to bringing added value to your group, demonstrates your advocacy for your people and additional revenue to further your organizations goals.

Combine this with HR Inspirations for even greater organizational benefits.

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