Hospitality Inspirations

Increasing Guest Value with Loyalty, Personalized Advice

and New Revenue

Build loyalty, revenue and extend the relationship after their visit!

Hospitality consumers are searching for personalization, experience and

convenience. and they want technology at their fingertips.    

Adding the Discover Personal Webcam Consult to your offering is a true differentiator. 

The Wall Street Journal recently sponsored a poll noting how technology is driving hotel satisfaction.  Combing technology with new guest services is what will make the business difference for the industry and your organization.

With Hospitality Inspirations you make personalized makeup, skin care, career skills, travel and style advi

ce available to your guests to prepare them for any situation. Whatever is in their suitcase or briefcase can be immediately integrated into their travel activities.  And with people’s busy travel schedules, they like having the web available to get info in a snap.   

Imagine the business traveler whose boss says .. since you’re there why don’t you present this to a new client.  Or the vacationer who found unexpected tickets to a formal event and has no time to shop.  They need help; and getting it in the hotel room or spa is a great opportunity. 

From our beta test of 1500 consumers, we learned that this type of one-on-one personal service doesn’t just sell products, but when staffed correctly, creates a bonding customer experience and opens new markets.

Yes you get the fashionistas, but you also get those who have been shy about accessing the career advice, fashion and beauty world in the past.

A suite of career, travel, makeup artists and stylists, working via two-way webcam, set-up a friendly, fun, effective sessions to help your guests learn the best ways to represent their personal style and meet their personal or career goals.  This approach gives your guests privacy, freedom to ask questions and get the personal attention that’s customized just for them.

They can ask anything from basic image consulting or discovering how to adapt their look to appear approachable, knowledgeable or whatever can advance their goals.   Here’s how ..

  • Value to your guests — The Discover Personal Webcam Consults is offered as either a product or promotion benefit to your customers.
  • Test – We’d like to offer you a sample session or two to your leadership team to make sure you can fully see and support the value of introducing this to your organization and customers.

Hospitality Inspirations adds an effective tool to bringing added value to your customers, opens new markets, demonstrates your relationship and commitment to guests and adds revenue to further your business goals.

Combine this with Employee Inspirations and/or HR Inspirations for even greater organizational benefits.

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