HR Inspirations

An employee benefit that your company and employees can value.

Adding the Discover Personal Webcam Consult to your offering is a true differentiator.

Every day you are looking for ways to enhance the associate relationships and demonstrate company care with the goals of increasing associate loyalty and retention.

HR Inspiration is an employee benefit that builds associate confidence in the company, themselves as well as improves the associate’s quality of life. By giving associates access to expert career consultants and artists who can answer their unique questions confidentially about how to enhance their personal brand or address that one professional issue that bothers them.

Through our research, we have learned that people have tons of questions about their personal development and style that they are afraid to ask because the only options available to them are public and not individualized.   HR Inspiration changes that…


  • Expert advice –Trained career consultants and image artists available, via private webcam sessions, listen to your employees to create the look and messages they want and need to represent themselves at their best.

Combine this with Employee Inspiration for even greater organizational benefits.

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