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Video as a Service is the next generation of web engagement

  • Live video chat must align with the unique value of live video engagement ... including enhancing the shopping experience with visual demonstrations, offering the benefits of an in-person consultation, and developing a trusted relationship.

    Diane Clarkston"The value of Live Video Chat, Forrester"

Why video chat raises the ante on service and revenue building
  • Once a customer initiates a video chat, communication is enriched ten-fold.
    Joe McKendrickPublished: March 6, 2013, "Technology via Smart Planet"


WebRTC is here & it’s intuitive
  • According to a study by the GSMA this paradigm shift has already happened in Japan in 2012, and will happen in the US and UK in early 2014. Talking and/or video conferencing while you are surfing the Web for pleasure or while working will be made so easy that it will become ubiquitous. And this shift will not only happen on the 'big Web', but even more so on mobile. This will spur new forms of user communities, where existing customers turn into brand advocates and help others.
    Tobias GoebelPublished: November 26, 2013, ICMI


Engage with brands for true value
  • It showcases how new cutting edge technology with live video chat is letting visitors engage directly with brand reps, providing a more personal and helpful experience for customers and client prospects, and improving the bottom line.
    Grant CrowellPublished: August 2011, Reel SEO


Rapid growth – Video Chat Use Upside – 550 Billion Minutes in 2015 – NPD Instat Study excerpt
  • The total number of video calling minutes will grow by 3500% of use will approach 550 billion minutes in 2015, a monumental increase from 141 million minutes in 2010. Forecasts that total number of living room video chat users (not mobile) will increase from 1.5 million in 2011 to 16.4 million in 2015. Asia Pacific will be the largest market for living room video calling by a significant margin as this is the region with the highest video calling enabled device shipments.
    David H DeansPublished: February 2012, Social Media Today


Video Chat builds trust, but how do brands fit in?
  • Today people don't trust companies. One of the things marketers want to do is to humanize their brand. What better way to do it than put a live person in front of them? Why aren't they using video more? Why not get the brand manager on talking about your new product? Or what about customer service?
    Jackie HubaPublished: March 2010, AdAge


High customer satisfaction with video chat.  Customer insights from Down Under
  • Video chat has a high customer satisfaction rating. 92% of Australian consumers who had used video chat in the past three months were happy with the experience (the remaining eight per cent registered their response as neutral). Who will use it? Gen Y 71% will include video chat, Gen X 65% and Baby Boomers 57%.
    Nick RublePublished: April 16, 2012, TCMnet Contributing Writer


More human customer service improves relationships
  • Chat with video: Imagine the impact when a customer can discuss a problem with a real person they can see, instead of simply typing chat messages. Video chat creates friendlier customer service, and adds the human element that can often be missing.
    Dr. Melody KingPublished: February 7, 2014, Treepodia

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