Understanding and engaging your customers – the key to retailing

Promotion, Visual Merchandising Strategy or Fee for Service

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Finding new, innovative and differentiating ways to engage consumers is the key to driving recurring revenue.  When a consumer enters your doors (literally or virtually), they must have a feeling of familiar comfort as well as a feeling of wanting to explore what’s new.

For retailers, whether online, in store or on TV, this is an opportunity to add value and cross-sell like no other. Adding the Discover Personal Webcam Consult to your offering is a true differentiator.   It’s taking the personal shopper experience and adding in depth of the individual.

By adding live consultants available 24 hours a day via webcam to aid customer’s pre-, post- and immediate product and use questions, you create a relationship that will bond them to your organization.  And it will create incremental revenue.

Promotion – This service can be added as a promotional item for purchases past certain dollar amounts or even to enhance a new brand added to your offering.

Visual Merchandising – Imagine kiosks in key locations where people can either ask immediate questions or set appointments to learn more about merchandise

Fee for service – Offer customers the opportunity to pay for private consultations on how to better use products that have a strong visual element to adaption and satisfaction.

Call center – You can even add it as a call center option. Make an appointment foe an online visual webcam consult to share more about your latest or upcoming purchase

The ideas for how this can add value are endless.

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