Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Webcam Solution

Personal Webcam Consultant

Personalized Portal Access to Collaborative Video Management

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A private label portal and service allows you to deliver expert advice from your brand directly to your consumer, either by seat licenses or staffed sessions, to increase incremental sales and cross-sales by 10-30%.


What the Portal and Service Provide

The private label portal and service allow companies to provide face-to-face customer advice online via computer, smart phone or tablet (B2B2C). The portal and service also facilitates customer interaction and engagement, allowing you to build confidence and strengthen relationships with potential and existing customers

The secret to it all: technology purposed for experience. Our technology leverages a webRTC infrastructure, and we have several patent-pending items that improves experience.


Features & Benefits

webrtc browsers

  • Recreates the personal expert experience online
  • Exists as a stand-alone, scalable SaaS platform
  • Provides option of staffed cam centers, seat licensing, or both at once
    • Staff it with your people, or we can staff it for you.
  • Manage scheduled and dynamic sessions simultaneously
  • Organically builds new channels
  • Built to provide a great deal of personalization
  • Give and receive advice from experts privately
  • Fast up and running –  A normal install is done in approximate 8-12 weeks depending on complexity.

Upgrades the imagery

  • Color adjusting for realistic images
  • Light app creates a day, night, work or dusk concept
  • Matching software with best expert selected for users need and personality
  • Dynamic API launches from a link vs downloading an app
  • Data mining
    • Allowing rich customer learnings to come from the interactions and the customer profile
    • Delivered to you monthly packaged and charted
  • Compatible technology – Integrate this into your web environment to make it easily accessible and aligned with your online catalogue.  Because we are web and cloud-based, we can integrate to most environments.

Experience Protocol

Your customers and clients will feel not only informed but embraced by the protocol developed for your business.

A team of Ph.D.’s and curriculum experts will meet with you to hone your needs for sales and content so your portal and delivered sessions will engage, wow and motivate your target audiences.

In the sessions we’ve done, we have found that people reported having this very personalized, confidential and caring focus actually changed their lives.

We train, prepare and execute against a protocol that helps people and engages them in your brand like no other experience you’ll offer them. That sounds like a big statement, but it is humble when you hear some of the testimonials we can share.

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