Visualization enhances information exchange and loyal relationships  … listen, trust and learn

When someone looks you in the eye and validates and acknowledges every word shared, the impact is powerful.

When that same person can take your information and translate it in a way that resonates as well as give you information to meet needs and brings you a sense of confidence, that is empowering.

My boss’ flight was delayed. She emailed me her speech and said. ‘You’re going to give this for me.’ I had no time to prepare. The Discover Webcam people saved me. We found ways get me ready to present.”
    Eliza Chung, Redwood, CA

Working with a team of engagement and curriculum developers, we create a protocol of messages, brand and information that will tie customers to you.

Developing your unique protocol

Protocol development – The first phase of every project is developing the mission of the program and protocol that builds consumer trust.

Session goals – We have cracked the code on how to time sessions and engage your customers,  however the key messages you want conveyed and the products you want to promote are your call.

Staffing needs – Experts in your industry are recruited, educated and trained to provided branded meaningful experiences to your customers.  Staffing levels is based on volume.

Metrics – You will also identify key metrics to track these elements against.  They can be merged with your existing measurement programs (sales dashboard, customer satisfaction, customer experience, voice of customer, web engagement, performance, etc.)

You will work with a team of PhD’s and experience specialists to build your experience and program.

Just a few words between friends

The hardest part of conveying the benefits of this program is sharing the power of the experience beyond the stats.

Our founder has run sessions as have our consultants; and they report the most humbling and rewarding events of their careers.

People open up in these sessions and share a human element that far exceeds data.  They share secrets and personal concerns they report having never shared with anyone.  And their response when they are heard and the advice provided makes real sense and feels right to their situation, the gratitude and commitment to change is overwhelming.

We don’t know if it’s the privacy, engagement, focus, delivery or information or the unique combination, but somehow it works.

This is more than revenue.  It’s a relationship far exceeding any other.

Personalized, Meaningful, Impactful

““My son is getting married and my cancer had me worried. My husband gave me the Discover session and forced me to do it. The consultant was so sweet. Other than doctors appointments I hadn’t left my house in 4 months, but I did today and will continue to.”
                Donna Singer, Pittsburgh, PA


“I was so leery of webcamming as a way of getting advice, but I was moving from a floor doctor to administrator and needed some advice on the change. My friend had tried this and texted me the link. My consultant helped me get ready for my first day. I went in confident and love my new job.”

  Dr. Rholand Mills,   Champagne Urbana, IL


“It was raining and I was stuck in my hotel room.   My friends were sleeping and I was bored. I had seen this webcam style service on Facebook and gave it a try. The stylist was awesome and gave me a ton of advice to match my style but also sexy it up a little. So fun! Thank you!”

                   Tara Mederios, Dallas, TX

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