Patients Demand a Personalized Way to Gain Support and Questions Answered


When Vivace Visual first started our beta, we had no idea the number of people with special needs that feel disenfranchised from the care system and the general retail base.

This segment is one

of our most coveted because it is the one where people sought us out to gain this face-to-face private help.

The video chat concept provided safety and freedom for them to discus not only their questions but their concerns about how their life was impacted based on their conditions.

Our consultants were humbled by their interactions and it has prompted us to work with the others in this arena to develop this concept more fully.

Providers (insurance, doctors, care organizations) who work with us will benefit from our ability to listen with compassion and provide information without judgement.

We hire nurses and practitioners who can meet the needs of each cammer based on the specifications we develop during the protocol development process.

Healthcare Inspirations adds an effective tool to bringing added value to your customers, opens new markets, demonstrates your relationship and commitment to people with medical and care needs and adds revenue to further your business goals.

This is a game changer, let's talk

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