Packages and Pricing

Buy or give


    • Licensing – We provide the technology. You provide the staff.
    • Service – Use our cam centers and experts to deliver your solution and sales
    • Both – You staff based on one criterion. We staff for others (example peak hours vs non-peak)
  • Sponsorships – Vivace has several amazing non-profits that want our services but do not have the funding in place to provide it. We are looking for companies and individuals who would like to help support these organizations. Some of the groups we want to help cover people in:
    • Cancer treatment/survivors
    • Women in developing countries or who are striving for economic independence and voice
    • People in need of job training and placement
  • Affinity – On a case-by-case basis, we also work with non-profits with a altruistic purpose to provide Discover tools and revenue to help their membership.

We give off-sets to allow donation dollars to go farther.




Each package has a start-up price of $75,000 and covers portal set-up and protocol development

      • Service/Sessions are $45 per 30 minute session and are bought in minimum bundles of 1,000 per month
      • Licensing is $30 per month per seat with a minimum of 25 seats
      • Both seats and service – is derived custom based on division of labor.
      • Sponsorships start at $150,000 per 3 month donation.
      • Pricing of Vivace’s other services are derived from work specifications.

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